Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yesterday was the first of the Summer drill team practices. I thought maybe we could put something together so that we'd have some half-time entertainment at the WIF show in August and the kids have rallied so it looks like that will come about. The first "practice" was not so much actively practicing as it was getting the horses used to working in pairs, choosing music and a theme and getting some costuming ideas. While playing samples of each song choice it was very clear which one Scout preferred. He and Rocket and Jolly are in the school horse paddock behind the ring and when the Metro Station song, "Shake It", started playing, Scout burst forth from the schoolie shed and pranced and cavorted - and on the beat, no less, around the paddock as if he was on springs with his tail flagging and his neck arched. Jolly and Rocket joined in on the fun for about a minute but quickly reverted to old fogey-ess and let Scout (who is more than 20 years their junior) perform on his own. When the song ended, the show was over. At least Scout's was...

When drill practice was officially finished, I told the girls they may continue on their own but I had to leave because I had a dance lesson to get to. Had I known the amount of chaos that would ensue, I might have stayed a little longer. Some of the girls continued working on riding as pairs, some broke ranks and were doing some jumping. As I was packing up the music equipment, I glanced up and saw a riderless horse amongst the other (riderfull?) horses. One little rider had taken a tumble when her horse spooked. Other than some bruising, she was fine. While administering comfort to her, behind me there was a yelp and I looked up to see another rider on the ground. No harm done, she was up and back on her horse, laughing at her mishap before I could even get to her. Later, she commented that "The worst part of falling off -is the dirt, in your pants." Let's hope the next drill team practice is less eventful and less dirty.

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