Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gravel Is Cheaper Than A Gym Membership

We have outgrown our barn. There is too much stuff, too many horses, too little storage space. Every year, I say - no more horses. Somehow, every year there ends up being an addition or two. Now, if there were horses moving on to other places, that wouldn't be a problem. But like, twist ties, socks without mates and bars of hotel soap, they tend to collect.

Last year, I joked about Dancer living in the "Harry Potter stall" which was tucked in under the stairs. Now that has been turned into the feed room. The old feed room has become a shavings storage area. Which is an addition to the original shavings storage area. Which has also belched out into the aisle. I am not complaining about the amount of bags of shavings I have because they are going to be used and are not easy to come by sometimes. I just wish I could find a better way to store them. Martha Stewart and her label maker need to make an emergency trip up here.

There is a corner of the school horse paddock that is going to be relinquished for another 3 stall barn. Today, gravel was delivered to provide a base for that. The plan was, that as the dump truck was dumping it's gravel, it would creep forward thereby spreading the gravel evenly making less work for me. That would have worked splendidly had the dump truck not gotten stuck. The driver had to dump all the gravel in one spot so to lighten his load and then with the help of my comparatively wee pick-up truck, we managed to pull it free.

Now there is a mountain of gravel in the school horse field. Rocket immediately explored it and the next thing I know, he has climbed halfway to the top and is very proudly peeing on it. As I look at the enormous pile of gravel (with a little bit of pee on it) and figuring on the enormous task of moving all of it, sans tractor, I am reminded of a quip I produced while stacking hay one day long ago.

My sister-in-law, a very non-horsey person - but very sweet non-the-less to be helping at all, said as she struggled with what was probably her 2ooth bale of hale, "Boy, you must really love horses!" I replied, "Nah, we just really hate going to the gym."

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